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Aussie Kids Moist Detangler, 8 Oz.,Pack of 6

Aussie Kids Moist Detangler, 8 Oz.,Pack of 6

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Free from tangles free to grow. Choose Aussie Kids Detanglercrafted for your kids unique hair. This moisturerich formula was made for each and every hair type that tends to get knotty (i.e. all of them). It moisturizes smooths and detangles easily to set your kid up for snagfree combing. Wondering how to detangle superknotted hair Simply spray all over your littles tangles then use a comb or brush to kiss them goodbye. If that doesnt put your mind at ease how about the fact that this detangler spray is paraben free sulfate free and dye free as well as certified PETA cruelty free Teach your little one to love their locks with a hair care routine thats easy and tropically scented.

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