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Enigma Trois Eau De Parfum By Fa Paris Fragrance World 100ml 3.4FL OZ

Enigma Trois Eau De Parfum By Fa Paris Fragrance World 100ml 3.4FL OZ

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Enigma Trois Eau De Parfum By Fa Paris Fragrance World 100ml 3.4FL OZ

Introducing Enigma Trois . a deep and sensual fragrance by FA Paris (Fragrance World). Designed for those who exude confidence and value true quality . this fragrance is a rich composition that truly stands out. It is particularly suited for the cool season . with its warming and spicy notes of woody species. As an oriental fragrance . it may be perceived as heavy in hot weather . making it best suited for evening wear. However . when applied moderately . it can also be suitable for office or business settings.

Enigma Trois opens with a vibrant palette of citrus notes . creating a lively and refreshing introduction to the fragrance. These bright and invigorating citrus accords are then complemented by the richness of precious oud and sandalwood essential oils . adding depth and complexity to the composition. Finally . a soft animalistic trail of musk and exquisite leather completes the fragrant picture . leaving a lingering and captivating impression.

With its elegant packaging and sophisticated blend of notes . Enigma Trois is a fragrance that celebrates individuality and refinement. If you consider yourself extraordinary and appreciate true quality . this fragrance is crafted for you.

  • Top Notes: Citruses
  • Middle Notes: Coriander . Amyris . Oud
  • Base Notes: Leather . Musk

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